I am a wife to Chris and a mom to my two babies, Mo and Lu.

I am born-again and love Christ. God has given me many creative passions and writing is one of them. For many years I neglected this gift and focused on the gifts that were "golden geese". Two years ago, God had to get my attention in a not-so-friendly way, a funny story I will share soon.

God reminded me of the person I wanted to be as a teenager: a journalist for Christ. I wanted to write the good news, I wanted to inspire Christians with my writings and lead many to Christ. I must be honest, the pressure to be financially stable pushed away this calling as I focused on my events business.

After wrestling running the events business for eight year and then wrestling with God for about two years, I have finally decided to submit to Him and the joy I have even as I type this is incomprehensible, I am practically smiling at the laptop screen. I am overjoyed. There is so much power and peace in obedience.

This blog site will focus on the Gospel Life. A secret I have discovered; the Word of God is relevant to everyone, regardless of age, gender, status and any other category life has given us.
We will touch on parenting, marriage, single-life, entrepreneurship, ministry, and so many more.

I pray that you are blessed, encouraged, motivated and challenged with each blog post.

Yours in Christ,
Khutso Mokgehle

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