16 Jun

Awestruck. That's the word that comes to mind when I think about this movie.

I must be honest, I was afraid to watch it, I was not sure if I could handle the truth in it (I am one of those people who cry while watching movies), so I was really not looking forward to watch it.

Well, yesterday was a public holiday and since Chris, my husband, was around, we just wanted to watch a movie together, Unplanned it was.

The first few minutes into the movie were the scariest as a scene of an ultrasound scan of a lady who was having a Vacuum Aspiration Abortion. An unpleasant sight as you see the fetus fighting for it's life. From hearing the heartbeat to a sudden silence replaced by a rushing sound as the tiny body being cut into pieces into the vacuum.

At this point, one is tempted to switch off.

The rest of the movie details the testimony of Abby Johnson, the former director on Planned Parenthood, a clinic that performed abortions. It details how she finally realised how evil abortion is and how she repented.

What I loved about the movie:

1. It makes you understand that abortion is just a business preying on desperate women.

2. It makes you realise how evil abortion is, it affects the tiny baby but also the mother.

3.  It makes you realise the power of prayer, persistent prayer as Abby's mother had been praying for years, but also a group of Christians who stood outside the clinic's gate daily.

4. It makes you see that you can work for Christ in an way. The work done by the Christians standing at the gate was ministry on its own.

I give it 5 STARS even based on it's excellent production. 

Review by Khutso Mokgehle 

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