Kabelo Mabalane leads the Megacy in a sinner's prayer at AKA Memorial Service

By Khutso Mokgehle

A memorial service was held for the late rapper Kiernan "AKA" Forbes who was brutally shot dead in Durban on the 10th of February 2023.

The memorial was anticipated to be an emotional evoking one due to his sudden death shortly after his 35th birthday and also leaving behind his 7-year-old daughter, South Africa's richest kid, Kairo Forbes.

Kabelo Mabalane who is also a well-known musician in South Africa, was called to open in prayer. Mabalane has never been shy about his faith and it is a known fact that he went to bible school even though he does not prefer the pastor title.

Mabalane started off with singing a hymn, 'Be still and know that I am God'. The song and prayer brought many to tears at the service including Kairo, who was seemingly okay before. Mabalane then gave a short speech about his relationship with Kiernan over the past year.

Mabalane introduced himself as Forbes' spiritual mentor and pastoral oversight. He mentioned that over the past year, Forbes was changing supernaturally as he had accepted the free gift of salvation, he mentioned that Forbes' mom, Lynn Forbes could attest to that. Mabalane further explained how Forbes felt unqualified for God's love, Mabalane claims that he assured him of God's love, "the love of God will continue to pursue you regardless of what you've done or where you have been" he added, "come as you are". 

Forbes and his girlfriend, Nadia Nakai had apparently attended a home cell where Mabalane shared the word and also promised to pray for Forbes' upcoming album, Mass Country as that was the prayer request Forbes' made. 

Mabalane then turned his message to the family, friends and AKA's fans, known as the "Megacy". He told them about the love of God and that Jesus came to deal with sin on their behalf. He then asked people who want a relationship with Jesus to pray after him, and thus a prayer of salvation usually called a sinner's prayer as known by most charismatics was prayed.  

The programme was followed with industry friends giving the speeches and almost all of them alluding to the fact that Forbes' was a believer and a prayerful man. When the emotional part of the programme had ended, Forbes songs were played for the Megacy as tribute.

OPINION: What I wish AKA knew

As someone who did not know much about AKA and nothing about his music before, it was heart-warming to hear that he was seeking God and he was changing. Accepting Christ is what I desire for everyone as He is the only way to the Father.

However, I realised that Kiernan and AKA sounded like two different people. The God-loving and prayerful Kiernan was not the same person as reflected in his music. The first song that was played at his memorial was Sim Dope, there is some serious cussing on the song that made me feel so uncomfortable. I could not reconcile the two. Which Jesus did Kiernan know that AKA did not?

Well, AKA was said to be changing, so perhaps this is an old song. However, what I wish Kiernan knew in addition to 'come as you are' is that there is REPENTANCE.

Yes, the Lord Jesus Christ is not expecting us to perfect ourselves before He accepts us. He takes us in, regardless of how bad our sin is, He forgives every sin, no matter how big OR small. But the gospel message is incomplete if we do not tell people about repentance.

Repentance is the acknowledgement of sin in our lives and the burning desire to be transformed, that is to forsake sin. Jesus Christ in His gospels define it as giving up your life and taking up your cross and following Him (Matthew 16:24). 

I wish Kiernan knew the power of the Holy Spirit, that once you have been given the Holy Spirit, you are supposed to be led by Him, so that you will not follow your sinful nature, that you need to crucify your flesh and become a slave of righteousness (Galatians 5:25 and Romans 6:16).

I wish that Kiernan knew that God wanted him to be holy, I wish he knew that all this was still not going to be his own strength, but God would enable Him as long he abides in Him (1 Thessalonians 4:3 and Jude 1:24).

I wish Kiernan had known that his music was leading many young people astray due to its lyrical content and that as Christians we have the responsibility of making sure that we do not lead others to sin (Matthew 18:6).

I did not know him personally, and my opinion is based on what I see and read on social media. I am not nullifying his salvation, only God knows a man's heart, I just wish he would have let the Megacy know his stand so that more are saved through his music, rather than lost.

I am hoping that Mass Country will probably speak of the Kiernan who knew God and loved prayer, it will be great if that will be the last message he gives to his fans. 

I am also praying that God will use Kabelo Mabalane to reach more artists with the gospel, and that he will be able to boldly tell them about repentance and the turning away from sin. That they will understand the negative (and positive) impact their music has on young people in South Africa.

I pray that the Forbes family will be comforted, especially his daughter Kairo and that justice will be served. 

I am praying for a revival in the South African entertainment.