Nigerian Pastor arrested for using a gun for illustration during a sermon

By Khutso Mokgehle

I listened to the sermon that had Ps Uche Aigbe of Rock Abuja Church arrested. What a sermon!

Ps Aigbe's sermon was based on fighting a good fight, though I would have titled it: Defending the Gospel. Ps Aigbe is exposing false prophets in his sermon, prophets that can be easily classified as palm readers for lack of a better word.

He explains how these palm readers are manipulating the church members by telling them their past so that they can appear to be strong. This is indeed a strategy that is effective as it gets many attached and hooked to these charlatans to a point of being robbed. 

In his own words, Ps Aigbe says, "that is why we need to take up our "guns" and defend our faith," while lifting his unloaded AK-47 he hung on his shoulder for most part of the sermon.

The sermon started to trend, possibly for the message it carried but it also landed the pastor in hot water for using a gun to illustrate to his 7000 members. He was then arrested.

Even though I truly loved his message, I agree that the usage of the weapon was a bit too dramatic and unsafe. He has since apologised for this oversight. 

His aim was to drive a point in a way that people will not forget (mission accomplished). 

This is a serious lesson to all ministers out there, we may use different items to illustrate but let us remember the laws of our countries and the safety of our society.