OPINION: Cassper Nyovest - Proudly celibate since he got saved.

By Khutso Mokgehle

Cassper Nyovest is a well-known South African rapper. He recently announced that he is now saved, and his X posts lately have really been attesting of his newly found life. 

Cassper had a sit-down interview with Mpoomy Ledwaba and their conversation was made public recently on Mpoomy's YouTube channel. It was a very interesting conversation that followed Casspers's childhood, dropping out of school and his big break in the entertainment industry. 

As you might have guessed, I watched the episode just to hear about his salvation story. And I was so delighted when he mentioned the word "repentance" a few times. The reason is, celebrities claim to be saved all the time, but if they do not know anything about repentance which the Bible says is the fundamentals (Hebrews 6:1), it genuinely grieves me. 

What struck me the most was how he proudly stated that he was not having sex since he got saved. Sex before marriage is a sin, all Christians know this but then the entertainment industry sexualises women so much that claiming to be celibate alienates one from the status quo, therefore one has to be bold to make such a claim. 

Also, as a Christian who remained celibate until marriage, I know the stigma that comes with celibacy especially if it related to one's faith, hence my respect for Cassper for declaring this publicly. One of the reasons why declaring publicly is important, is that now, you are not only accountable to God but to everyone that you told. Yes, people can still sin even after letting the world know where they stand but trust me, it is easier to remain faithful when you know that there are many eyes looking at you. 

Cassper has shown a few elements of a changed person, it will be unrealistic for us to expect him to change overnight, for example, he was lambasted recently for showing off his new car, a Maybach! Christians considered that as bragging which is against God's word. Christians rightfully corrected him, but I personally believe that expecting him to be a 10/10 Christian in just less than three months is totally unreasonable.

In closing, I pray that he is surrounded by genuine Christians who will really help grow in the Lord and teach him the uncompromised truth. As I write this article, I am reminded of this verse:

Luke 15:7 NASB 1995
“I tell you that in the same way, there will be more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who need no repentance." (Emphasis mine).