Pastor dies while on his 40-days fasting journey.

By Khutso Mokgehle

A Mozambican pastor loses his life on day 25 of his fasting due to acute anaemia and organ failure.

Pastor Fransisco Barajah, 39, could not complete his 40-day fasting as his life was cut short by anaemia and organ failure. 

The founder of Santa Trindade Evangelical Church was reportedly taken to the hospital in Beira city by his family on day 25 as they could see him deteriorating. The hospital could not do much as his situation had worsened over the days and he was too dehydrated. 

Barajah's aim was to emulate Jesus by going without food and water for 40 days. He was described as a man who loved fasting and prayer and also very devoted to God. 

Barajah is criticised for his misinterpretation of Jesus' fasting as the bible only states that Jesus was hungry and had nothing to eat. There is no direct passage of scripture that explains if Jesus drank liquids or not. 

Manuel Barajah, the brother of the deceased refutes the diagnosis that his brother died from the fasting as he states that his brother suffered from low blood pressure.

Nonetheless, the pastor will be remembered for his devotion to Christ and his love for prayer by those who loved him.